85220 - Deluxe Hernia Guard 

Left, Right or Double

  • Removable foam pad insert designed to provide constant yet gentle pressure to the weakened muscles, helping to reduce the hernia.
  • Each Hernia Guard is elastic wraparound waistband with flexible posterior stays and soft leg straps.

Available in size M

99500 - SI Belt

  • 5:1 mechanical advantage compression power provides unmatched pelvic-sacral support.
  • Flexible sacroiliac orthosis with breathable mesh, comfortable to wear.
  • Significantly reduces motion about the sacroiliac joint. Instant pain relief in most cases.

Universal size

Maximum Support

99505 - Pull It - Adjustable Back & Abdominal Support

  • Support of Abdominal Muscles Weakened from Surgery, Muscle strains and sprains.

​Universal size