228 - Stabilized Ankle Brace

  • Figure 8 strap offers increased stability while mimicking trainer's tape.
  • Low profile design allows brace to be worn inside an athletic shoe.

Available in size XS, S, M, L, XL

Moderate Support

306 - ProStyle Ankle Wrap

  • Support for weak or injured ankles.
  • ProStyle neoprene for therapeutic warmth.
  • Ideal as a support for arthritis.

Available in size Universal

Mild ​Support

14000 -  Rigid Stirrup Ankle Brace

  • Support for strains, sprains and after cast removal.
  • Helps to promote faster recovery.
  • Slim and sleek for more comfort.

Available in size S, Regular

Maximum Support

165- Lightweight Canvas Ankle Brace

  • Soft canvas that contours and cradles the ankle allows for improved support yet is breathable and comfortable.
  • Lace-up design allows for a more precise fitting support.

Available in size M

Moderate Support

190 - Elastic Ankle Support

  • Support for weak or injured ankles.
  • Comfortable elastic, durable protection.
  • Fits left of right.

Available in size M, L


Mild Support

310 - Active Ankle Brace

  • Ranked among the highest in terms of stability, comfort and ease of application.

Availalbe in size S, M

Maximum Ortopedic Support

10214 - Heavy Duty Gel Cups

  • Shock absorbers for your feet.

Available in size L

14040 - Good-Night Splint

  • Low Profile meaning lightweight and not bulky.
  • Increased comfort during sleep and patient compliance.
  • Fits left of right ankle.

Available in size S/M , L/XL